22 September 2013

BNM Annual Dinner 2013

Last night I attended the Bank's annual dinner 2013, held at the Grand Ballroom, One World Hotel, Damansara. The theme was Box Office Night. Since the ballroom couldn't hold up the almost 3k staff at one time, so the dinner will be held for 2 nights. I chose the 1st night though.

Saya pakai baju tak ikut theme pon. Just grab what I have in the closet. Mula2 macam taknak pegi sebab takde baju nak pakai. Ye lah kan. Baju glam sume mana nak muat dah skrg ni. Tapi belek punya belek baru saya tau ade this one caftan that I seldom wear. 

Biasa org pegi dinner soap pegi saloon make-up bagai tapi takyah la nak bazir mcm tu skali. Just make do of what make-up items you have, bukak youtube then tgk make-up tutorial. DIY je. Save la duit time2 segala bnda naik harga ni. 

This annual dinner was more or less the same like the previous years. We came for the food and entertainment. Haha. The Lady Boss of course la datang to officiate the event tapi beliau balik awal before the entertainment starts. Ada hal maybe. Untuk yang tak penah jumpa Lady Boss mesti diorg tak sabar nak tengok beliau dari dekat. Like celebrity starstruck. Ye la kan sapa tak kenal the person who signed the notes. I was like that before masa mula2 join Bank. Teehee

The emcee for the night was Harith Iskander and he is seriously one damn funny guy. We enjoyed having him around sebab gelak je the whole time. The entertainers were Misha Omar and Zainal Abidin. Though I like Misha Omar, dia madam tak panda sgt interact with the audience, which made her performance quite dull and boring, aside from her good and beautiful voice. However, Zainal Abidin was the real deal. I mean he was the real entertainer! Very good with the crowd and tak nmpk kekok to even make jokes with the VIPs. He sang his most famous song of "Hijau" and everybody was merrily singing along to the song. Memang superb sgt Zainal Abidin. Suara dia still the same and I was awed on how good he was while singing live! 

Since the theme was Box Office Night ada la jgk a few peeps yang wear the theme sebab ade hadiah untuk Best Dressed Table, Best Dressed Man & Woman. Grand prize lucky draw plak ade 3D2N holiday at Ayodhya Resort Bali. Saya macam biasa tak pernah nak lucky. So agak kecewa di situ.

Meriah sgt last night. Sebelum dewan bukak, while having cocktails, you can take picture at the Photo Booth mcm kat bawah ni. Ada photographers everywhere. Snap sana snap sini. Rasa macam red carpet award show kat Hollywood plak. Siap ade reporter macam Giuliana Rancic or Ryan Seacrest interviewing the attendees. Ala2 E! 

Nak dijadikan cerita, I wore my 5 inches wedges last night and masa nak jalan tu I kinda terpeleot and nasib baik smpt berpaut pada Hubster. Yang tak bestnya si so-called E! reporter tu nmpk & he came and interviewed me. Gila lah masuk dalam video kay. Malu bertingkek-tingkek. Haih. So I just act cool and smile away. Answered a few questions and ran away into the ballroom. Hahahaha

The food was chinese course. Sedap. Just like any other chinese courses you have in some hotels. Lepas show sume tu habis dalam pukul 12 mcm tu. Penat jugak but enjoy. Nasib baik esoknya Ahad. Bleh la rehat sikit. 

And so pagi tadi saya terbangun lambat.....

Photo Booth

Hubster and Wifester

Berdua lebih baik
My table mates
The Lady Boss

Crazy side of me

Good friends

Pretty colleagues

Teammates. Sebab too tall I have to bend down

Giant sgt ai rasa!
My own make-up

I'm a giant flower!
My caftan :)
Accessories for the night:
Bag I got for only RM20 at Ho Chi Minh
Mix & Match Bangle set from Diva

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