22 May 2014

Sabah Trip 2014 : KK Town & Karambunai

Assalamualaikum lovelies,

It's been quite a while now since I last scribbled in this. Missing me? I bet NOT! 

I am still as malas as usual to write. Too many things to update but too lazy to do so. Laziness & me is not a new thing. A perfect combo I think! lol

I am in my Day 3 of my #90dayschallenge. Last time my diet went kaput cos too many cheating. Sangat tak berhemah tau. Went to Sabah and Langkawi. So hard to resist food when you went for vacay kan? Alasan sgt tau!

I'm gonna share with you about my trip to Sabah with my girls (Danee, Anis, Tommy and Kak Jah), celebrating Anis's last moment as a Bachelorette! She's getting hitched after Raya. Mind you that this is strictly-for-ladies trip. I got my permission to join the bandwagon so off we went for a 3-days-2-Nights trip.

Our flight was on 2 May 2014. Me and Danee were on the same flight while the rest flew with different airlines with different time. But our meeting point is the same. We boarded a car for 3 days (RM240). Our destinations would be Karambunai and Kundasang where we have made prior bookings for Nexus Karambunai and Kundasang Pine Resort.

I've always looked forward for this trip as we never had any trip as such together. We've been friends like 14 years now (since our MRSM days) and this trip will help to bring us together again like we used to during our teenage days. Now since that Danee and me are married, we barely see each other that often.

Our first pitstop before heading to Karambunai was of course Pasar Phillipines, where you can get all sort of souvenirs and dried seafood macam ikan bilis, udang kering etc. I bought some ikan bilis, udang kering and keropok amplang to bring home. Feeling mak2 sangat to buy those things. Hehe

Selesai urusan beli-belah so we headed to Nexus, Karambunai. I've been to Nexus once during my honeymoon trip back then in 2010. It took us nearly 1 hour to reach Karambunai from KK town. Thanks to Waze, it comes in handy.

The place was breathtaking. It was so serene that I feel like staying there forever. I booked 2 room (adjoined). Danee & me in 1 room while Anis, Tommy & Kak Jah in 1 room.

That night we went for dinner outside. Most reviews mentioned about Gayang Seafood. We wazed the place but got lost sampai area 1 Borneo. Then we tried again until we finally found it. Rupanya dekat je dengan our Hotel. The food was awesome. Orang memang super ramai and please expect delay. We ordered udang butter, steamed fish, chilli crab, kepah kam heong, sotong black pepper, garlic fried rice and 2 veges. Cost us nearly RM300 and we only pay like RM60 per head. Super cheap! I told them I wanna go again before we departed and all of them agreed! 

We checked out around 12.00pm and before we headed to Kundasang, we went to Borneo Spa for a 15-minute complimentary shoulder massage. The spa was amazingly beautiful and the massage was sangat sedap. Rugi tak register on the first day tu!

While waiting for the other girls to finish their turn, me & danee went to check-out and had a chance to snap around. So enjoy the pictures ok!

It's so sad to bid goodbye to Nexus Karambunai. Thank you for the great hospitality. I will surely come back!

Next entry nanti I will tell you about my trip to Rumah Terbalik, Desa Dairy Farm and our first experience witnessing Gunung Kinabalu live with our own eyes!


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