26 February 2012

Entry Entah Pape

Unifi at home is currently down so am blogging through phone. Lucky I downloaded Blogger apps! wooohooo!! There are sooo many things to share but using phone to tell whollotta story is not fun!

Oh oh...yesterday I re-organized my handbags compartment and I thought that my handbags are kinda boring now. It has been a while now since I bought my latest handbag.

Maybe I need a new one??? Reason being is concreate enough : to de-stress!!Mr.Hubs would agree,definitely!!*wink wink*

I went to Diva,Midvalley too today and got myself these...they are having sale now on selected items. Visit them now, I can assure that you won't go back with empty handss..:)

Gotta do some ironing now..Till then, adiosssaaa!!!

15 February 2012

Rabu Tanpa Kata-Kata v.5

Gigih menapak berkasut tinggi. Kalo Dr.Deepak tau mau kena ketuk ketampi 100x!!!ahahaha

13 February 2012

Malas Punya Pasal

Dah lama tak hapdate belog kesayangan hamba nih... There are soo many things nak citer tp dek kerana Encik Malas mula beraja so asyik tertangguh jer. Haih! Tak boleh jadi ni. Chaiyok!

Insya Allah will update new entries dalam masa terdekat ;)
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