21 February 2014

Begitu Begini

Pejam celik pejam celik rupanya dah 1 bulan blog ni ditinggalkan. *tiupblogbersawang* hehe. Tiap2 hari memang ade fikir nak type entry. Macam2 cerita nak diceritakan. Tapi biasalah. Sampai rumah je terus passed out.
I was too busy for the past 1 month. Everything was topsy turvy. Ingatkan awal tahun masih boleh buat kerja main-main. Sedih. At one point, I felt like quitting but hold back bila memikirkan ade lagi 2 tahun nak serve scholarship bond *kesat air mata*. I was on a project which I was being nominated along with a fellow colleague. Yes, at first memang teamwork but in the end it was a one man show. The boss will most likely refer any matters pertaining to the project to me. Just because I am a lawyer by qualification. Just becos I know how to read the law. It's not fair! In the end, it's just between me and him doing the work. I worked hard for it for 3 weeks in a row now, abandoning all other piling work on my desk.
Nasib baik ade helpful and understanding husband. He did the laundry, swept the floors and prepared his own food and even mine! Alhamdulillah syukur. Hopefully when February ended, my misery will also sweep away too. I could have my life back. Insya Allah.
Usaha TTC? Masih belum berusaha sepenuhnya. Tak boleh nak concentrate. More so when hari2 balik keje stress manjang. Macam mana nk berusaha? Haha. Insya Allah. When everything dah settle down and reda sikit keje, akan resume jumpa Doc Adilah and start treatment seterusnya.
Tu je lah nak cite. Luahan rasa di hari Jumaat.
Have a nice weekend my sayangs!
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