06 February 2009

I'm Back!!

Hey all! After being MIA for these past few months, I’m finally back into action! Woohoo!! There are so much that I wanna tell u guys ever since I become dormant..hehe. BUT first thing first, I just feel so much better to be able to write again, expressing my own self after all this while.. Oh oh oh!! U guys must be wondering why I was missing before this. Well, after I quitted my chambering period, I was called to serve BNM. Up until todate, I’ve already served them for nearly 5 months and enjoying every bits of the salary they gave me every month. Wallawei!!
It's actually difficult for me to update my own blog because I was seated right in front Deputy Diredtor's Office. So, if I were to open and update the blog, she will sure catch me lah!! huhu.. And now, since I've subscribed to the Maxis broadband, I have enough time blogging at home!! yeay!! Alright guys..I think I stop here for tonite..See u around!!
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