30 October 2014

29 Weeks and Counting

Assalamualaikum semua.

*Tiup blog bersawang*

Wowww... the last blog entry i wrote was like 9 weeks ago! Shame shame. Orang nak ade blog, kita pon nak jugak tapi pemalas nak up entry. Bahaha

OKlah... my story takde benda lain nak cite. About my pregnancy journey je. Gigih kat instagram pon nak letak hashtag #jeespregnancyjourney. Bukan apa, esok2 senang nak trace balik mcm mana rupa time pregnant. Buat gambar sebelum selepas. Kot2 la lepas deliver nanti masih tersimpan extra berbelas2 kg tu. Uhuk!

Btw, I am at 29 weeks now and in my 3rd trimester. Whatttt???

Getting nervous and excited all at the same time. Alhamdulillah baby is doing fine and I am expecting a GIRL! Insya Allah.

Last check-up masa 27 weeks, lil bub weighs about 1.064kg, in line with her growth chart. Finally ibu & papa was able to see a glimpse of her features. Sebak tetiba. Subhanallah. I can finally see what's inside me. The miracle that Allah gave us after a long wait.

Lil bub at 27 weeks

As for me, I gained a whooping 12kgs now. Sob sob sob. My back is aching so badly. The face, hands and feet swollen 'beautifully". LOL. I have sleeping problems too but now no more since dah beli maternity pillow yang super best! Hubster panggil bantal ular sebab dia panjang berlingkar. Best gils tdo memalam. Nyenyak tdo tp mcm biasalah in between tu mesti nak ke toilet a few times. A price you have to pay to be to be a mommy but it's OK, I'm enjoying every tiny seconds of it :)

Tuan tanah 22 weeks vs 28 weeks

Within the past 9 weeks, I've been to Bali (delayed honeymoon dah jadik babymoon) and also Jakarta (mak buyung shopping tak hengat). I'll write about both holidays soon.

Bye for now. 

Muahhhh :)
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