19 October 2009

New Chapter, New Beginning

Hey all,

Sorry for the late update from me.. You know la kan, end of the year ni memang always busy. Banyak gak new application for licence renewals, fees & charges issues plus end year PRIME time!! ( performance appraisal la babe!) Scary isn't it? Tapi walau ape pon, tak kisah la. Janji lepas untuk dapat bonus akhir tahun. Haha! At least I can save up for my wedding next year! Oopsie, did I say WEDDING? yeah babe! I really mean it this time. I'm getting engaged! OMG, feels like dreaming! Hmmm... speaking about this, I'm sure many of you are wondering whose the lucky guy I'm marrying kan? Just wait till the end of the post, okay? What? NR? Naw...not that guy laa.. He's now busy courting his long lost crush tu la. Sape lagi kalo bukan that Pimples Bitch who called me "Drama Queen" tu.. Urgh! What a taste!! haha.. sorry, no offence!

Anyway, I'm kinda excited about getting engaged actually. Yippeee!! I've done several preparations for my day such as booked the make-up, sent the dress to the tailor and booked the photographer. Moreover, last weekend I went to Jalan TAR with him to shop for songkok & butang baju melayu, working shirt & also his kain to be tailored for the engagement. Now, I realized that it's really tiring doing the preparation for the engagement / wedding. As for the dulang deco part, I've given the chores to Mama & Kakak cos they know best about these things. I gave the ideas & they will materialize it for me. Awesome, right?? hehe

Emmm... Tunang, tunang jugak but I haven't tell you all about the lucky guy whom I'm in love with, right? My one and only Encik Sayang... Here the story goes:

After that bad & dreadful experience with NR, I took my sister's & my friends' advice about going out and meet new people, be-friending everyone. So, one day, nak dijadikan cerita, my old schoolmate (Azhar Saffuan aka Jaha) called me out of the blue moon & invited me for lunch. So we went out to have a drink at JKR cafe right across the street from my office. Masa nak balik office tu si Jaha pon ade la ajak keluar ngan dia together with his friends. Nak tengok movie kata dia. So I said OK je la. That's not such a big deal, what? So, after office, him & his friends came to fetch me and then off we went to Midvalley. I still remember that night. We went to watch The Proposal & I totally had fun. Ye la, at least I have other things to do other than mourning after that stupid NR. But, at that time, I didn't know that everything that happened to me after NR was already written down as my fate. NR was a history now. Noktah. Dot. Period. No more him after this. If it weren't because of him, I won't be meeting Jaha and his friends. It was all fated!

Ok, back to our story. Emo plak tetiba. Haih! Jaha's friends were cool; Mar & Shahril. However, I think Mar is a bit quiet and my first impression towards her, she doesn't like me! But who cares, right? haha ;) And this guy, Shahril, was all I wanna tell you all about. I found him to be nice and funny. Really2 funny & I like him... hehe *wink* I thought that was the first & the last time we met. To my surprised, a few days after he called me during lunch just to invite me to join them for lunch. Since I've nothing to do, I immediately said OK. Lunch was great but tak banyak sangat la cakap ngan Shahril tu. Kata baru kenal... shy2 cat la babe! haha ;) Later, he started to text me saying typical "hai" and other stuff. Normal la tu kan. Nak mengayat. I never thought that he even interested in me because everytime we went out pon, he never set his eyes on me. As if I never existed and not so important to him... ;( When he texted me for the first time, I don't even had a feeling to reply. So I just let it be. I didn't even intend to make it happen, you know, me & him. Suddenly one day, tergerak la hati nak text dia balik.. Un'sangka'rable, not even 1 minute passed, he replied!! And I was like, wow! hehe ;) So, from that day onwards we started texting each other. Dah boleh jadi speed master dah sebab selalu sangat texting. Naik lenguh jari jemari. ;) He tried to call me for the first time & that was during midnight.. Memang silap besar lah babe. I can't compormise anything other than my beauty sleep. hahahahaha!! When I thought about it, feels pity him lah. He told me I frightened him cos when I spoke during my sleep, I sound fierce. hehe. Sorry!

Last Ramadhan, when his parents came to visit, he brought me to see them. I was so nervous like no other things in this world. How can I go and meet his parents when I don't even have any feelings towads him? Just a mere likeness. But I still went & to my surprise again, his parents like me soo much and that his father even bought me a BONIA handbag as a Raya gift. I was speechless! Don't even know what to say or what to react. He's really serious about us and during last Raya (2nd Raya) his parents came to my house to discuss about us. That was the decision I made to get engage with him, to marry him & then spend the rest of my life with him.

And that was the beginning of our story together... Right after that moment, God has bestowed upon me this strange feeling and it is called LOVE. I started to turn mere likeness to love and it really worked! He even said the same thing to me... Everyday, my love for him grows even stronger until now I feel like I couldn't live without him. Life without him is empty and the emptiness within feels like a deep cut that can't be healed by just putting a plaster on it... How hard for me to find a guy like him and now God has finally heard my prayer.. Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful guy and I'm grateful for that. No one can replace his place now cos he's just my one & only ENCIK SAYANG...

Sayang, I love you lots & lots & lots... mwah!!! ;))

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