26 August 2008

Papa Warded

Yesterday, I received a call from Kak Long telling me that Papa has been warded due to Dengue fever. It was quite a shock for me and I almost took leave to go home to Kota Bharu but Papa said I need not to worry. He is still ok. According to Kak Long, Papa's platlet has dropped rapidly from 100+ to below 40 since last night. That is why he was admitted. Me and Kakak were both worry that anything will happen to Papa. We also take turns to call him asking about his current condition. When I called him last night, I almost cry because Papa said to me like this:

"Jee jangan risau.. Papa ok lagi, still boleh bangun dan jalan. Jee doakan Papa cepat sembuh la ye. Jee pon jaga diri baik2. Papa sayang Jee.."

I love Papa so much. In fact, among 3 of us, I'm the one who is so manja with him. When I was small, I used to sleep on his arm and whenever I fell asleep in front of the tv, then he would carry me to bed. I also remember back then when I was still schooling that Papa would wait for me to finish homework late at night. I will always have that in my mind. Papa likes to pamper the three of us. He loves us so much and in fact he never pukul us or did anything that involves that act to us. If he is angry with us, he'll talk to us and ask us to repair our wrongdoings.. Papa will never increase his voice volume to us. He's such a nice and cool guy.

Now, since Papa is already 66 years old, his health condition has started to deteriorate. He loves gardening and every single evening, he will spend most of his time at our garden around the house. He likes to do all the activities that will make him sweat. However, ever since he had an eye operation about 2 to 3 years ago, his activity was limited. His intake of food also need to be monitored. One thing about my Papa that I will always store in my mind is that he loves to play with my hair and caress my forehead everytime I sat beside him. He never failed to do that to me. As the youngest in the family, I am the one who's been pampered so much. Pampering not in the concept of material but through his love and affectionate toward us all. That is the greatest treasure that I will always store in my heart and also in my mind.

I always worry that something will happen to my beloved Papa. Up until this hour, I never forget to call him to ask for his condition. Alhamdulillah syukur that he said his number of platlet is increasing. I will never stop praying for his health and well-being. Not only because he is my father but because he is MY ONLY PAPA in this world.


25 August 2008

Emilio Pucci Who??

EMILIO PUCCI is undoubtedly famous for its geometrical prints design. I adore him so much. He is my favourite designer of all. Even though I can't afford to have any of his creations, I still have some pixxies of the ever famous shoes, handbags and dresses. Here are some of them that I managed to grab from the Net..Awww...I'm soo in love with Pucci!!

These two shoes are among Pucci's famous collection..

And so do the handbags...

As well as the super cute dresses..

Can't get enough of PUCCI's uber cute collection?? So do I. I'm crazy over EMILIO PUCCI. Wish I could have one of the items one day.. I shudder at the thought. Ahaks!!

21 August 2008

Surviving A Breaking Up Is Easy To Do: 5 Simple Rules

By Rich Santos, Marie Claire

A friend of a friend has called his ex-girlfriend six times since she broke up with him. I told my friend to bestow my breaking up advice on him. Whether you want someone back or not, if you follow the rules below, you will maintain your dignity, maybe win the person back, or eventually get over them:

1. Ride Off Into The Sunset

In college I took a class called "American Western Movies". Give me a break, ok? It was summer session. But this class did teach me something. I learned I wanted to be a cowboy. They are so cool, collected, never play their hand, never look rattled, and they are always confident.

One thing they all did was ride off as the sun set on the horizon after their business was done.

Riding off into the sunset keeps our dignity. When a girl breaks up with me, I will say:

"OK, it was great getting to know you over the past (insert length of time).You take care."

My business is done.

Then, I will figuratively ride off into the sunset. I won't tell her how much I miss her. I won't tell her she made a mistake. I won't call, email or text. I won't mention her to mutual friends. I'll be gone from her life.

Suddenly, it will dawn on the girl that she is not getting her money's worth for this breakup. It is true: people who do the breaking up have an air of power to them. They like being the decision maker, and having the control. But after I walk away like it's no problem, she'll start to think:

"Wow, why isn't he shaken up over this? Did he even care that I broke up with him?"

Or even better, the ever-popular and coveted:

"Did I do the right thing breaking up with him?"

That's when you know you're in business.

2. Apply the Wizard of Oz Effect

Of course, most likely, we are in total pain and anguish after a break up. But, we can't let that show. Remember:

"Pay no mind to that man behind the curtain?"

We can, behind the curtain, cry, complain, yell, be angry, and hurt. But, we must craft the appearance on the outside of being fine with everything. We need to look happy on the outside to the other person 100% of the time we see them post-breakup.

This also gives the illusion that you might be seeing someone else, or that you've got other things going on. Of course you're miserable and there's NOTHING going on in your life, but they don't have to know it!

Make It Quick?

Make It Quick?

3. Enact the Verb in "Breaking Up"

Get rid of all evidence of them -- put it all in a closet, under your bed, or anywhere. I'm a sucker for a strand of hair or her shampoo smell left on a pillow after a girl is over. After the breakup, this must go: wash the sheets! Remember, in breaking up, to think of it like a guillotine: make it fast.

On a guillotine, you'd rather have a sharp blade slice your head right off than a blunt blade repeatedly cut and cut until your head finally fell off.

If it's a break up they want, make it clean for them. It will look good, and it will be easier on you. Flush them right out of your life immediately, and completely.

4. Don't Look Back

It's hard to accomplish this. We know not to look back, just like we know not to look down when someone says don't look down...but we still look down. But, make it easy on yourself: looking back and saying stuff like:

"Gosh, just two weeks ago,we were out to dinner and she stayed over here and we were so close..."

...will just make it more painful. You can't look back until it's time to look back when you're truly over it.

5. Remember You'll Get Over It

The best thing about breaking up is those following mornings you wake up after you've truly gotten over someone. You're renewed, alive, and ready to see what the world has to offer. Keep pushing through for this feeling, remember all those people you thought you'd never get over (you know you ended up getting over them), and as Jim Morrison once crooned: "break on through to the other side!"

Well I don't know about you, but after going through all that, I'm inspired to get dumped!

So, do you agree with these rules? Do you have any nightmare breakup stories? If a guy you dumped followed these rules, would you start reconsidering? Would you be annoyed if you dumped a guy and he didn't get upset?

13 August 2008


Danee's Wedding is around the corner, on the 20.08.2008.. Unfortunately, I could not attend it! F***!! I hate the fact that I have to miss my best friend's wedding.. My own best friend!! All because of this whole-new-job thing.. I already called Danee just now and told her that I couldn't make it. She sounds dissapointed though.. Awww, I hate to turn down someone's feeling and especially my best friend's feeling. It's her big day! Whatever it is, I already promised her that I'll be meeting her at KL when she starts work this September. I need to repay her back for my non-attendance. Sowieeee Sweety!!

To Danee and Amer, I wish you two all the happiness and may your life filled with undying love and bundles of joy forever.


Don't forget to breed as many dudes and dudettes as possible.

hehe =)

Love you both!

Bye HSK, Hello BNM =)

Yesterday morning, I got a phone call from Kak Azriah of BNM requesting me to forward via e-mail my passport picture to her. I was so curious and I asked her why. She responded by saying that the picture will be used to finalize her appointment later. Suddenly I was like, GULP! Appointment letter? My heart was starting to pound faster and my whole body started to freeze. With kinda shaky voice, I asked her back:

"Kak Azriah, appointment letter tu for me ke?"

Then she replied:

"Ye la. Untuk awak la, untuk sape lagi..."

And I was like:

"So you mean I got the job?"

Kak Azriah said:

"YES, dear! you got the job!! After I finalized this appointment letter, then you need to do your medical check-ups. If the result is all clear, then within less than a week you will be called to report duty."

After I heard the news, I was soo excited that I cannot think what I should. The first person that I called was my sister, KAKAK.Only then I told my parents about the good news. I know I should call my parents first but at that point in time I was so numb and could not even think properly.. hehe =)

Later on, I informed all my fellow Chambees and they felt happy for me.. Even the staffs at my department shared my happiness because to them, I did the right choice for accepting the offer from BNM. This department that I'm currently attached is not in a good condition because everyone was not satisfied with its management, which was lead by ABJ. Soon, this department will be empty because all the staffs are now planning to leave the firm to find better opportunities and get a better pay. If you must know, all the staffs here, I mean all the clerks, are underpaid. When you live in the city like KL, money is the most important ting for you as the cost of living here is very high plus with the increase of the price of the fuel as well as other merchandises, you sure need a lot more money than before.

I was going to tell my master that I'm leaving for BNM soon and I kinda nervous to go and tell her about it. So I waited till today. However, she came asking me even before I have the guts to tell her. The response? Well, she's quite ok with me leaving because she is leaving too to ZICO together with EBO, KAK ITA and KAK SITI.. When I'm talking about these people, I am actually talking about coolness. When all of them gone, then life would be as dull as hell.. Lucky me because I'm going too because if I were to stay here, it would be soo boring as there is nobody else that I could share my stories, do some gossippings and even there'll be no makan2 time! KAK SITI is such a good cook, a good friend, a good dirty-talker (oops!), and she's like a mother to me, i mean cool mum.. KAK ITA on the other hand is soo nice and pweeety as well.. Huhuhu =( I'm gonna miss them so damn much!

To tell you the truth, I can't wait to start my new working environment. Having secured a place in a place like BNM is once in a lifetime opportunity. I work hard for this job even though I was their scholar. I had to fight for the place with anybody else. With all the hard work, I deserved the spot.

So, BNM here I come and Bye HSK!!

11 August 2008


Hey you dear squigglers!!

Yesterday was my lil niece 5th birthday, AMNEE QYSTEENA THE PRINCESS.. She has been waiting for the big day since last 2 months. Thank God the day has finally materialized itself yesterday. If not, I would be the person who needs to answer all her nerve wrecking questions like:

AMNEE: Che Su, esok ke birthday Amnee?
ME: X la.. lagi 2 bulan
AMNEE: Lagi 2 bulan tu bile?
ME: Ala...bulan ni, bulan depan and then bulan lagi satu..
AMNEE: (pause to think) tp bile Che Su??
ME: (dunno how to explain lagi) Nanti Amne tido, pastu bgn, tido lagi, bangun lagi, pastu birthday amnee la..
AMNEE: X lama lagi dah??
ME: A'ah..
AMNEE: yey!!

That was the type or question or more or less like it that i had to endeavour since the past 2 months..Huhuhu.. Whatever it is, as the holder of the title "BEST CHESU IN THE UNIVERSE", I did not bother to answer all her silly and repeated questions on the topic of "When Is My Birthday?" and more importantly, I answered it with great enthusiast.. When it comes to my lil nieces and nephews, my heart melts and I would rather do anything to them.. I loved them soo much. Sometimes, my 2 sisters scold me for pampering them soo much.. When they don't get what they want from their mothers, they would run and ask from me becos they know that CheSu will give them anyway.. I don't intend to spoil them with all monies, gifts, chocolates, sweets, lollipops etc but I can't bear to see their dissapointed faces.. That is one of my weaknesses. Terrible as it sound ey?hehe =).. I'm planning to get all of them something for this Raya but my mum, as usual la, will go barking to me like this:

"Wak gapo nok beli bare2 ko budok2 tu nyoh?? Jee keh x make gaji lagi.. baru chambering jah..gaji pong RM900 jah.. Baju rayo jee pong Mama beli lagi tau?? X payoh dok bazir duit laaaaaaa!!"
(this is Kelantanese dialect, for those of u who need translation, let me know ok!)

Hehe.. =) Funny la my mum.. I know she is being concern but don't worry Mama, I still have enuff money to spend.. Since sekarang ni tengah sale, so I plan nak cari barang sket kat either Sogo or JJ.. I have something vague in my mind but I still don't know what exactly I'm gonna get for my 5 cute lil tots.. =p

Orait.. back to the original topic as the above title.. (hehe.. a bit misdiverting, i guess!)

Amnee will have her birthday bash aka party at her kindergarten today (Tadika Seaport). Of course she'll be super excited.. So, yesterday evening, I went out to Toys R Us at Subang Parade to buy some stuffs for the party. Since the theme is "The Fairy Tale Princess", every single item must bear the picture or resemblance of a princess character even the party pack has the picture of Fairy Tale Princesses on it.. Knowing my niece, she is uber obsessed with the Fairy Tale Princesses and she even considers herself as Princess Aurora.. Kids!! After we found all the items needed, we then headed to Mc Donalds to have our dinner.. Yummy!! I don't know why these days I always feel hungry..Maybe it's the job or the stress at work.. Ish!! Bahaya la asyik makan jek!! Mau badan aku naik berkilo2...Huhuhu!! X suke!X suke!X suke!

Later, at home, I started to put all the items into the party pack which consists of a Cadbury Bites, a Looney Tunes Wafer Snack, a Fun Size Snickers, a cup of Nata De Coco Mango Pudding, a petite box of Sunmaid Raisins, a Krispies chocolate, a Disney Enchanted pencil, eraser and also a ruler.. They were all 9 party packs that we finished packing for Amnee's classmates + 2 extra packs for Aina and Piqah...

While putting all those items into the party pack, I remember back then when I was at Amnee's age.. I was only enrolled in TADIKA KEMAS.. a kindergarten that only taught the students to read and learn in Bahasa Malaysia, far from teaching the students English language.. However, looking at Amnee now, she's even can talk and communicate with me fluently in proper English at the age of only 5! Amazing is it? Lucky she has my sister as her mother who earns quite a salary plus her father who earns a lot more than her mother.. Combining both salary, the result is a whooping figure!! Being the only child (as for now til her brother is born), both the parents pamper her soo much.. She normally gets what she wants.. Sometimes, I would feel like poking her if she doesn't wanna listen to me.. She's been so lucky!! However, I was not as lucky when I was a kid her age.. I was deprived of almost everything in my yesteryears..

On one occasion when I was in Standard One, I was chosen as one of the performers during the School's Present Give Away, that is to say, Hari Penyampaian Hadiah.. I was gonna play an "Ayam" character in a song called "Aku, Burung, Itik dan Burung" and has to pay for the ever-cute gown with ruffles and laces.. I needed only to pay RM10 for the gown.. I was so excited on the day i was elected and told my mum that I needed to pay RM10. However, I was so dissapointed when my mum told me to back out from the play because she said my father could not afford to pay. I was crying like mad because I was really looking forward to be part of the team. Since I had to obey to my mum's order, I was replaced by the-then classmates, Fadilah.. I envied her so much because she had a chance to wear that super cute lil doll-like dress for the performance.. I was so devastated that I could not take part in any play or performance in which I had to pay for the costumes even for RM10!! For Pete's sake.. I know RM10 is a lot back then but it hurts me soo much when I could never have any chance to live like a normal girl.. No birthday parties, no Barbie dolls, no cute tailor-made dresses, no everything.. And because of that, I ponder for a while when I look at Amnee because she has the chance to experience everything in her life. She has the chance to celebrate her birthday, give away party packs, an expensive custom-made Princess cake and a cute little dress from Sommerset Bay.. Sommerset what? I don't even know that that label ever existed since I've never been exposed to such expensive merchandise.. Amnee even has the chance to wear a pair of shoes from Clarks that cost her parents RM128 per pair. I consider it is still expensive for a teeny tiny pair of booties.. Even though I was deprived of almost everything, I'm glad now that after all these hard years that my family and I had to face, finally we manage to get out from the hard lives..

Since my eldest sister and my second sister had started working, our life has started to become a lot better than before. Thank God to all the "rezeki" that He gave us.. My parents now even can breath easily and calmly because after all these hard years, they managed to see the result now.. What more can make our parents happy than seeing all their children excel in life? I'm not trying to brag here but it is the reality that all 3 of us has finally achieved our dreams and earn good money.. except for me, since I'm still in my chambering period, I can't afford to give my parents money but I promise to myself that once I get the real salary, I will definitely give them most of the monies.. Nothing could repay them for what they have done to raise us all. Thanx to you MAMA and PAPA!! So to all the millenium kids out there, try to appreciate the value of money and all the hard work that your parents had to face in order to give you all these luxurious life you are living in right now.. If not because of your parents, you won't be living life like you all did right now.. Fikir2kan dan selamat beramal! Ahhhh!! I hate spoil brats!!

Oh Crap! New files coming in.. Booring!! Time to go dear squigglers!!
Catch up with u later

07 August 2008

The Dilemma

Hey u guys!!

I feel a bit confuse la with myself..to be specific, my own feelings..hah!!I know it sounds a bit cliche but to tell the truth I'm in a real dilemma here.. =(

Okay, let's start with my mother.

My mom is the type of woman who we can categorize as a bit choosy over her son-in-law. Of course she is because she only has 3 daughters maaaa!!hehe..My 2 sisters have already married and look at them now, blissfully married with the cutest lil tots in the world (amil, hani, aja, amnee and amnee's brother-on-the-way)..Life will be meaningless without them all.. I just lurrrrve my tots, i mean my nieces n nephews.hehe!! When I was still small and in my teenage years, I always thought that my mother is soo cool with her daughters' choices of husband. My eldest sister (Kak Long the beauty queen...hehe!!) was married to her beau, Abg Mie and my second sister (Kakak Ngok Ngek..hehe =)) was happily wedded to Abg Mat, her beau back then during university..As u see, both of them married the guy that they love... My parents both adore my brother-in-laws especially Abg Mat because they said Abg Mat knows how to respect the elders and that he's soo kind to everyone. I must admit that Abg Mat is super and uber nice guy because he cares for me too. Ever since I came to live with him and kakak in Subang Bestari, he treats me like I'm his own sister..He's very protective as well. Everything about Abg Mat is a total yes for my parents. On the other hand, my other brother-in-law, Abg Mie is nice too. He's not a fussy guy and quite generous in his personality but I don't know why my parents like to worship Abg Mat so much. I mean, he's not perfect.. He's a bad tempered either. Plus moody and he'll marah2 tak tentu pasal especially when he's under pressure.

However, when I reach the age suitable for marriage, my parents kinda harsh towards my choices of husband. If you guys wanna know, I only have 2 boyfriends ever since I started to have feelings for guys. hehe!! Funny rite.. I mean, I don't know how to flirt..I do friend with guys but I have my own principle that I will never date my friend especially my best friend..When I was in Form Five, I fell in love for the first time. My parents opposed the idea that I get involved in a love relationship during school days. Plus, that year was my SPM year. But, as you see, LOVE IS BLIND. I ignored my parents' advice and as a result, I failed to get straight As for my SPM, only managed to obtain 6As 5Bs.. My father was really disappointed with me that he didn't talk to me for a few days..He expected me to score straight As because I was considered a bright student back then (sorry, bukan nak perasan just nak bitau jek!!hehe ). In the mid of 2003, I broke up with the bloke that I dated during school. He was my first love and I loved him soo much. We were very much into each other and we even vowed to stay together until we were finally seated on the dais..Things didn't went well for both of us. Even though I love him so much, my mother doesn't like him because she labelled him as "Mamat Tali Pinggang Besi". The guy actually a 'busuk' type..my type but my mum doesn't approve him. She likes a clean and decent guy. Aiyo, where to find such a perfect guy?? My mum then asked me to dump him and so I did. I pitied that guy because he was soo devastated when I said that I wanna break up with him and he even cried! After the break up, I thought that I was never gonna get over him. It took me like 4 to 5 years to open my heart again until one day I found my second boyfriend by the name of Zaki. I fell head over heels for him. He was a Mr. Nice Guy. I also thought that I'm gonna end up marrying him. However, thins went sour between us because after that I found out that he cheated behind my back and the worst, he dumped me for the other girl.. My mum, as usual, feels so euphoric about me being dumped by Zaki because she doesn't even like him too..Reasons?? First, he was just a teacher and she said he doesn't suit me because I am in a higher position than him. Me being a lawyer and him being a teacher. Second, he was fat and not handsome my mum hates fat men. She even called him names like "BOCEH" (a name in Kelantan language that refers to a flabby man).. Apart from being dumped by that SUPER DUMBO BOCEH GUY, I realized that it will be soo hard for me to satisfy my mum's taste in choosing her youngest son-in-law. I feel fed up with my mum's attitude of rejecting everyone that I like and love. My father, on the other hand, is a universal one. He said that he'll accept anyone that I like and he'll only need to marry me off.. Awww...I love u Papa!!

After the break up, I was still thinking about the Dumbo guy. I just cannot get over it until I found another guy by the name of Andy. After a few months knowing him, I found myself falling in love with him. However, it doesn't went well either because this time around, my sister is the one who opposed to my relationship with the guy. Btw, I forgot to mention that Andy is her collegue at HLTMT. So, at last, me and Andy has decided that we will just stay as friends.

Now, I'm still a single babe who's life is soo miserable with her 9-5 job, mountain-high files that need her attention, her weight dilemma (I'm overweight if u wanna know but not that super duper heavy in weight), her uber fussy mum, her sister who watches wherever that she went and a pocketful of other stuff that may spin her head until it went of her.. Pity me kan??

As usual, my mum will be 'bising' if she heard that her friend's daughter will get married soon. She will be like:

"cepat la cari boyfren, anak **** tu dah nak kawen dah, or anak *** dah nak kawen, jee tak de boyfren lagi ke??"

Everytime I called her, she will keep asking me the same old question yang buat I dah fed up tahap gaban and tunggu masa jer nak burst out ni.. Huhuhuhu =(

Aiyoo...u guys sure think that my life soo tak best kan..When it comes to me jek, everything is difficult.. Dah jodoh x sampai lagi nak buat camne?? Takkan la I nak pegi bitau sume orang yang I ni single and in dire need of a boyfren?? Soo ridiculous. Sure orang akan will be like:

"Tak betul ke budak ni?? Muka waras tapi.... Anak sape la ni???"

Hehehe =)

Whatever it is, wherever the lucky guy is, I just dah tak kisah sangat pon.. I'm still young, free and euphoric. There is so much time lagi for me. I hope, when I found my Mr. Charming nanti, my mum will satisfied and she will stop controlling me of with whom I should be with.

So, guys, do help me pray okay..


05 August 2008

Week of Terror

This week is the most buziest, most stressful,most chaotic and most pressure week of my not-so-entire life. Right now, at this hour I supposed to be on my way home to catch up d busy train at masjid jamek station. However, sadly to say i must stay at the office to finish up my work for today (but I still have time to mumble here...hehe). Life is soo miserable for me these past few months. It all started back then when I first started my chambering period. From that moment thereafter, I have no life at all, only to drown myself in these boring files and papers that were piled up on my desk.huhu!!Arggghh!!It will be soo great if i could sit on the fluffiest sofa watching TV while indulging myself with a pint of BASKIN ROBBIN's cookie dough ice cream.Yummylicious!!OMG!!Wake up Jeep!!!Dreaming at this hour??aiyoo..so ridiculous.haha!!This is the result when your brain can't even absorb any input anymore and this means that it's already time to go home!!!yeay!!

Btw, I just wanna share with you guys that today alone was the most chaotic day for me..Tell u what, since morning i have to vet a knee-high files given by my boss becos she said that she know nothing about those freaking files as it was not her case in the first place..So, I, as usual la being a coolie, have to summarise the whole story to her until she finally understands what the case is all about...Half of the morning and not forgetting the whole of yesterday I succumb myself to study on all these files. Tadi, after a quick lunch at McD with Baya, I took a cab to KL Magistrate Court to get a new mention date. Why bother to send me there for a matter which lasts not even 5 seconds and costs me almost a red note MYR??Oh I forgot...I'm the coolie at the office so others could dump all their work to me..Stupid!!I'm starting to feel exhausted and fed-up because everyday i need to rush up early in the morning to catch the earliest train so that i could arrive at the Masjud Jamek Station on time before I missed the shuttle or busses to KL Courts. Being the only Chambee attached to my department (Islamic Litigation), I am the only person who everyone would dump their workload. To tell u the truth, not only I have to do my boss's work, but I need to do other partners' work as well (I mean partners who are attached at my department) plus a few lawyers who are soo lazy to go to court by themselves..REASON??too bz with other files..Hah!!I think the Office should put more effort to employ more chambering students plus revise the allowance given to Chambee or else Chambees will no longer choose to do their pupillage here..Besides, tak de la i penat macam orang gile tiap2 hari balik after maghrib...My only hope is to finish my pupillage as soon as possible, get a PC and have months full of yeepy happy HOLS before going back to work again..Hehe!!I wish I could but it seems impossible...BUT it's not a sin to dream right??hehehe..Alrighty, its time to call it a day. Catch u guys later.


04 August 2008

Orange Frenzy

Do u see this eye candy??i'm soo liking it..found it at pumpkin..hehe!!kinda addicted to pumpkin this past few days...actually, i never trust online purchasing but when i browse thru pumpkin's web log, i immediately felt in love with them..hmmmm..i thought of buying this eye candy..gorgeous isn't it??hehehe =)) i need to do some retail therapy lah!!haha =)

First of the Many

Hye to all dear doodlers..

for all of u who doesn't even know me..well, i'm a newbie in this blogging world..just scribbling down a lil bit to soothe my mind from all the work that are piling up on my desk n it'll keep on piling up until an unknown when..misery as it sound eh??hehehe =) although this is my first post of d day, i'm sure there'll be a lot more ramblings after this..dis is my first of many more to come..=)

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