11 December 2011

Zarina & Mazuki's Reception

Last night Encik Suami and I attended our friends' wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda. Both the bride and groom are our friends and they both work at The Bank. Last night was Zarina's side and Mazuki's side will be held at Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya on this 24 December 2011. It was such a beautiful and grand wedding. I love everything about it, from the entrance, the dais (pelamin), the food, the video presentation and the bride's dress. Oh, btw it was also a double wedding! Zarina bersanding together with her sister. Actually, Zarina nikah dulu on 19th December and adik dia nikah later. Senang kerja, they buat lah reception skali. 

Ohmygod...both sisters looked stunning! OK, so malas nak cakap byk, let the pictures do the talking okay!

The Card (it's hee-uuuuge!...so cool you can turn it into a photo frame!)

Our Table
Tuan punya blog haruslah enterprem dulu ;p

Beautiful couple...Zar & Kee
Zar's sister, Ikha & her husband Amir 

Menu Kami...D'Saji catering is the best! sedap..:)
My ex-colleague from CMC
Nizam...serious discussion? or gossiping???hahaha
Enterprem lagi...excuse me ok!
The Brides and The Grooms

The Dais yang super duper uber cantik.. i love the color combination of the flowers ;) 
The Cake yang bermunge-mungerrr...hehe
The Bank mates, Harun & Nils 
Pengantin Basi..ahakss!
Encik Suami punya kerja..but it's pretty tho!

Last but not least, haruslah ade gambar tuan punya belog dengan pengantin nyaaaaa....sila abaikan 'kebesaran' tuan punya belog sbb tak aci, Zar tu kecik sanggggaaaattt!! ahaks!

To Zar & Kee, congratulation to u both! hope you will have the most wonderful journey in your married life and let the day be the beginning of creating your own beautiful tomorrows! 

p/s : pictures credit to my Encik Suami...love it to bits!


Anonymous said...

wah Gee..enterframe sokmo/discuss lah..heheh

Jee Abdullah said...

hahaha...of cos lah. tuan punya belog haruslah kena enterprem..hehehe

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