18 December 2011

Mari Buang Duit

Wahh...tajuk entry memang tak ley blah kan? Macam ala2 org kaya yang buang duit sbb taktau nak buat apa ngan duit mereka. hahahaha. Tapi time2 bonus ni haruslah feeling2 org kaya gitu..ye tak?? 

Alkisahnya, last week at The Bank ade Koop Carnival in which Koop was the organizer. If I'm not mistaken, Koop organized the carnival mcm twice a year gitulah. Many items were on sale such as electrical & electronic appliances, cameras, Ariani, Emas Sri Pinang, spectacles, vehicles, insurance etc. Paling best, Celcom ade dtg buat promotion amongst others, offer on the latest iPhone 4s plan. Mula2 tgk tu macam tak amik port sgt. I was more than interested to buy tudung2 Ariani yang on sale 50% okay! Mana nak dpt tudung Ariani 50% sale! Then, Encik Suami meracun lah ape lagi. He said the plan is good enough and also the fact that the upfront payment for the phone is waived, only for The Bank's staff. So I started contemplating whether to buy or not to buy. Dalam 4 hari karnival Koop tu berlangsung, 3 hari jgklah I keep on visiting the booth, just to make the right decision for myself. The staff kat booth pon mcm dah recognize muka saya sbb 3 hari dok pegi visit. huhu. Fikir punya fikir, on the last day tu (Friday, 16 Dec), I made up my mind and went to register myself at the Celcom booth, changed my service provider from Maxis to Celcom. I've been intended to change for quite some time tho as I was of the opinion that Maxis sucks nowadays. The charges are unbelievable, skyscrappers high!

I want a white iPhone 4s but unfortunately they were out of ready stocks. Thus, I need to wait for another two weeks approximately for the phone to arrive. I'm OK with the arrangement as I'm not too rush to have it since I still own my old 3Gs. My colleagues also try to racun me by buying the android phones like Samsung Galaxy SII or Galaxy Note but I'm an iPhonista, so forever I will be. Sorry guys, I just couldn't buy the idea of using android! haha. Tak sabarnya nak tggu lagi 2 weeks! Now, tgh fikir pulak ape nk buat dgn my 3Gs, to sell or not to sell. hmmmm....

Besides iPhone, I bought two (2) other items. I did an eye test and bought a pair of new glasses. I don't have the picture with me now but will update soon once I get the glasses on Tuesday. It's about time dah nak tukar glasses sbb dah lama sgt pkai yg skrg punya, which is dh senget benget. hehe. The second item is....... SECRET!! tgklah, kalo rajin nnt I reveal what it is. 

Oklah, nak sambung baca buku Ombak Rindu. Till the next post. Toodles!

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