23 October 2011

Spending Quality Time With Encik Suami

I love spending time with my one and only Encik Suami. We normally go out on Saturday and on Sunday malas nak kuar cos tak nak letih since esok tu nak keje..hehehe..soo typical me!

Actually, the initial plan was to spend the Saturday with my office besties, going for food hunting but due to unavailability of one of our friends, then the plan has to be cancelled and to be rescheduled later. So, Encik Suami suggested that we both carry on with our own plan. Spending our own sweet time together. So we started with breakfast. I got to pick the place where I wanna eat so I chose Village Park Restaurant at Uptown Damansara. I went there a few times already and I really like the nasi lemak. Kiranya so far nasi lemak Gembira kat Shah Alam tu pon kalah...hehe. Bila kitorang sampai jer, dah nampak orang tengah beratuh panjang. Encik Suami dah menunjukkan rupa beliau yang agak kelat-kelat masam dah and I definitely knew the sign! Beliau sangat tidak suke menunggu / beratur panjang. Usually I am the one who do the queuing up but today beliau sangatlah baik hati dengan menyuruh saya yang pergi chop tempat. Lucky we managed to secure a place for us to eat. Alamak, lupa nak tangkap gambar nasi lemak tu lah. Sorry ek!

Then lepas tu we all shoot to OU to watch the most recent talked about film, REAL STEEL. Yeah you heard me...REAL STEEEELL babeh! I've heard so many reviews actually about this movie. Kat mana lagi kalo bukan di laman mukabuku and also twitter. I've also seen the trailer like months ago and Encik Suami really2 anticipated the movie. For me, the reason why I nak sangat tengok is because ada Hugh Jackman aka Encik Wolverine aka Charlie Keaton. *drool*... Despite the super oh-some trailer, the movie proved to be really good..i mean great! It was super-double-duper awesome! Seriously, if I were to give a rating, I would rate 4.5 / 5.0! A must watch movie!

Later after movie, Encik Suami and I decided to go out lunch and this time he got to pick the place. And so he chose Al-Rawsha. I haven't been to Al-Rawsha for quite a while and since dia dah moved to Pandan, I never got the chance to go. Encik Suami memang dah lama sangat mengidam so today dapatlah rasa the famous Chicken Mandy.

Encik Suami ordered Chicken Mandy and Pepsi while I ordered Istanbul Kebab and Nepolean. Talking about Chicken Mandy, the rice portion is still banyak but the chicken is smaller even though 1/2 chicken. Istanbul Kebab plak is actually meat kebab, wrapped in tortilla together with grilled green chilli served with sour cream. The taste is marbeless I tell yooouuuu!! Encik Suami memang suka tp disebabkan portian dia cam besar semacam, I didn't finish it but Encik Suami did! Dia plak tak habis nasik dia & I boleh rasa jgk. Ala2 sistem barter gitu.hehe. Napolean plak is a drink, a combination of strawberry & mango. Taste quite OK but it's too thick. On top of Napolean dia letak whipped cream and slices of strawberries. Memang agak tak kedekut kalo tengok whipped cream dia. Super thick tapi I don't really fancy it cos rasa coffee. Memang tak leh masuk! Ergghh! OKlah, tak nak ckp panjang2, let the pictures do the talking...:)

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