23 October 2011

Saturday Baking With Jee : Oreo Cheesecake

Last Friday, while browsing through the net I suddenly stumbled upon a blogger who made Nigella's simple cheesecake and suddenly it just popped in my mind that I wanna bake cheesecake during the weekend and it's definitely Oreo Cheesecake, the cake I wanted to try bake for so long.

I googled for the recipe and macam2 jenis method and recipes ade on the topic. Agak pening jugak nak pilih mana satu. At last, I tried to modify the recipe of my own. What I did was I still used my favourite plain cheesecake recipe (for the cake base I always use Oreo & butter) and I sprinkled Oreo's crumbs onto the batter. Voila! There you go Oreo Cheesecake !! Easy peasy schmeazy! Trust me, it's sinfully sedaaappp!! *Yums*

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