20 October 2011

Personal Satisfaction

When we talk about personal satisfaction, it could be in many ways. You can satisfy yourself in term of what you eat, what you drink, what you wear, what you bought or even you may mean it by your sex drive!

My own interpretation of personal satisfaction today is in term of items that I bought which could be considered pricey for my wallet. Hah! For some people it's not so pricey lah cos they bought something which is even pricier (is there such word as pricier??? haha). Ok nevermind.

To tell you the truth, I never spent on something which goes beyond RM500. The max I could go is RM400 when I treated myself to a pair of GUESS watch last 3 years when I got my very first pay. The most expensive handbag that I carry pon only costs me like RM200++ je. Itu pun yang paling mahal! But last 2 years, my father-in-law bought me a BONIA handbag. Yeah yeah...I know it's a makcik-makcik punya brand...haha but BONIA bapak mahal jugak. The bag costs like RM600++ kot kalo tak silaplah. Time tu first time jumpa Encik Suami punya family and terus dapat hadiah handbag BONIA you ollss!!

My 2-year-old BONIA buddy
Pastu plak, when COACH was first introduced in Malaysia, I considered..well most of us considered it as a branded item. Ye la kan. kata designer bag!! What I did to feast my eyes was to buy lifestyle magazines and drooling myself to such elegant, pretty and nice handbags. Tapi lately, COACH dah jadi macam everybody-can-own item since the inception of many online boutiques yang dah macam cendawan tumbuh di kala selepas hujan and the price offered is much cheaper than its own boutique. :)

Mula-mula macam tak berani jer nak beli sebab harga cecah lebih RM500 kan!! Tapi selepas tolak campur darab bahagi segala, maka TERBELI lah my 1st ever COACH bag... Melayang gak la duit..Huhuhuhu. Tapi takpelah. Bak kata orang, sekurang-kurangnya ade gak satu. Merasa la jugak pakai COACH.

Coach Poppy Collection
1st Acquisition
I thought that would be the first and the last COACH for me but it os NOT!! Last June my sister went on a holiday to the USA and she apparently bought so many bags, mostly COACH for herself and also to buat bisnes. She even bought like 12 bags for herself! Crazy kan? Bestnya...kalaulah I ikut skali dulu mesti balik-balik Malaysia jer memang poket kering sekering-keringnya! Since I telah dilantik secara rasminya untuk menjaga kesejahteraan rumah Puan Aryanti dan Encik Azmat, guess what I got from the US!!!!


Satin Scarf Tote
2nd Acquisition

Bila dah berkecimpung dalam bidang-bidang mengumpul branded items ni, it has become sooo addictive. Maybe COACH is the beginning to many more. Honestly, my favourite brand is none other than MARC JACOBS tapi mahal sangatlah. Tak mampu mak nokkk! 

Last but not least, last week I finally got my COACH lanyard!! RM90 jer. My sister kirim to her friend who travelled to the US and she kirim for me too!! It's just too cute and super shiny..I'm loving it!!!
I think I mumbled too much already. Till then...papai!!

3rd Acquisition
Back View
Front view

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