06 January 2012

Another Year, Yet Another New Resolutions

Hye Lovelies!

Happy New Year 2012...

Well, tahun 2011 sudah pon meninggalkan kita and as for me it was a year full of unforgettable memories, significant enough to be remembered forever. It was a year that I lost my beloved father. I did wrote an entry dedicated to him here.

2011 also marked the 1st year of my marriage. We have been through so many ups & downs, lots of arguing, sulking and alhamdulillah we managed to overcome all the obstacles.

Untuk 2012, ade banyak goals yang saya nak achieve :

1. To lose weight
(duh! macam tiap2 tahun jer resolution ni but hopefully can get into my wedding shape :p)

2. To get pregnant
(enough of honeymoon..it's time to get serious people!)

3. To buy a house, pretty enough to be our love nest

4. To save as much as I could

5. To go to the gym frequently

6. To work harder, be more focused & received good PRIME (appraisal)
(so that I could enjoy FATTER bonus this year :) hehehe)

7. Last but not least, to be a good, obedient wife, daughter, sister, aunty and insya Allah a caring & lovely mother.

So, welcome 2012... Please be good to me. I won't ask for more except for better health, rezeki, happiness & blissful marriage ahead :)

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