07 January 2012

Mazuki & Zarina's Reception

Hello earthlings!

Malam ni rajin plak menghapdate entry kat belog kesayangan hamba ni yer...

Btw, do you remember an entry about Zarina & Mazuki's Reception previously? Well, this time I would like to share some of the pictures which Encik Husband took during Mazuki's side reception at Marriot Hotel Putrajaya on the Christmas eve, 24 December 2011.

This time around, the lovebirds didn't bersanding, just makan beradab sahaja. However, they do have beautiful prop decorated for cake cutting ceremony. The overall event was lovely and the newlyweds are exceptionally stunning especially the bride, Zar.

Both Encik Husband & I were seated together with our office mates yang memang terserlah lah ke"hu ha"an nya. You can see the pictures after this to support my words. On that night also, we met Nur Fathia! Say who??? Ala... yang berlakon citer Hani & latest Stanza Cinta tu lahhh...Takkan lah tak kenal?? OK, nevermind. The important thing is I am her No. 1 Fan pleaseeee!!! I know it's lame but seriously ade haku kesah??? She is sooo darn pretty and very nice lady too! Beliau layankan sajalah bile bebudak ni ajak bergambar. Memang sporting habis!

OK, so I don't want to keep on blabbering now, let's jom layan the pictures... Credit to Encik Husband for such pretty pictures (kalau bini tak puji sape lagi nak puji???) hehe :)


TwiggyLiyana said...

I looove the last picture!! hahahahha!!! and that "squeezy cheeks" picture pun!!! LOL!!

Jee Abdullah said...

auwww..thanks dear twiggy. i love the last picture too. the boys were tooo crazzzyyy! i cannot tahan but laughing !!

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