23 January 2012

Sun Tanned or Sun Burned?

Tajuk entri mcm biasa ala2 kontroversi. Heheeheheh :)

What are you guys doing over the holidays? I bet most of you balik kampung. As for me & Encik Hubs, we both tak balik because afraid of the jammed road. Last year dah kena 20 jam derr... Terbaik! So this year to be safe, duduk KL je ler... enjoying the clear roads. hehehe :)

Btw, yesterday (Sunday) we went to Bukit Gambang Waterpark, Pahang together with Kakak's family. The place was super aweeesome and huge crowd too! 

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We spent 2 hours waiting in line just to buy tickets! can u believe that??? We arrived lebih kurang pukul 10.00am camtu then terkezut tgk queue yang maha panjang. Perghh! Kul 12.00pm br lah boleh masuk. Entrance fee for adult is RM21.90, kids RM14.90. They are having cashless payment inside the theme park so they are using e-value where you purchase some value inside your tag. This is used to rent tubes (single / double) and also to buy food bile kelaparan melanda.

The water park memang best especially it's Coco Beach (the largest wave pool in Malaysia)! Wave dia plak double super awesome! Feeling macam kat tgh2 laut lah. Serious best! Bukit Merah's wave is not as challenging as this one. I almost drowned a few times jugaklah sambil2 tertelan air! errrkk! 

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The kids punya pool pon best. On top of the playland tu ade giant 'fish pool'. When the water is full, it will burst and splash onto everyone below. It was soo much fun. Ade skali tu I fell off sebab the water pressure is soo kuat so it can push you down. My sister can't stop laughing when she saw me fell off. Pfft!

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Main punya main tu tak sedar yang the weather was soo hot and sunny. Ye la kan, duduk berendam dalam air mana nak rasa panas terik. Alih2 terasa muka & tangan perit semacam. We spent lama jgk kat dalam tu. Pukul 5.30pm gitu baru keluar from pool. Masuk2 changing room pon kena beratur bai! Menguji iman betul!

We all bertolak balik to KL lebih kurang 6.30pm macam tu and reached home almost 10.00pm. The overall experience was TERBAIK! Will definitely visit again. Btw, smp rumah tu terkejut tgk muka dah macam udang bakar. Not only face, my hands also terbakar. Ni bukan sun tanned lagi dah tapi memang terbakaq habis! Huhuhu... :(

See the 2-toned skin color?
It hurts so much!
Btw, for those who are interested to go, the operation hours are as follow:

Good nite peeps!! 

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