11 August 2008


Hey you dear squigglers!!

Yesterday was my lil niece 5th birthday, AMNEE QYSTEENA THE PRINCESS.. She has been waiting for the big day since last 2 months. Thank God the day has finally materialized itself yesterday. If not, I would be the person who needs to answer all her nerve wrecking questions like:

AMNEE: Che Su, esok ke birthday Amnee?
ME: X la.. lagi 2 bulan
AMNEE: Lagi 2 bulan tu bile?
ME: Ala...bulan ni, bulan depan and then bulan lagi satu..
AMNEE: (pause to think) tp bile Che Su??
ME: (dunno how to explain lagi) Nanti Amne tido, pastu bgn, tido lagi, bangun lagi, pastu birthday amnee la..
AMNEE: X lama lagi dah??
ME: A'ah..
AMNEE: yey!!

That was the type or question or more or less like it that i had to endeavour since the past 2 months..Huhuhu.. Whatever it is, as the holder of the title "BEST CHESU IN THE UNIVERSE", I did not bother to answer all her silly and repeated questions on the topic of "When Is My Birthday?" and more importantly, I answered it with great enthusiast.. When it comes to my lil nieces and nephews, my heart melts and I would rather do anything to them.. I loved them soo much. Sometimes, my 2 sisters scold me for pampering them soo much.. When they don't get what they want from their mothers, they would run and ask from me becos they know that CheSu will give them anyway.. I don't intend to spoil them with all monies, gifts, chocolates, sweets, lollipops etc but I can't bear to see their dissapointed faces.. That is one of my weaknesses. Terrible as it sound ey?hehe =).. I'm planning to get all of them something for this Raya but my mum, as usual la, will go barking to me like this:

"Wak gapo nok beli bare2 ko budok2 tu nyoh?? Jee keh x make gaji lagi.. baru chambering jah..gaji pong RM900 jah.. Baju rayo jee pong Mama beli lagi tau?? X payoh dok bazir duit laaaaaaa!!"
(this is Kelantanese dialect, for those of u who need translation, let me know ok!)

Hehe.. =) Funny la my mum.. I know she is being concern but don't worry Mama, I still have enuff money to spend.. Since sekarang ni tengah sale, so I plan nak cari barang sket kat either Sogo or JJ.. I have something vague in my mind but I still don't know what exactly I'm gonna get for my 5 cute lil tots.. =p

Orait.. back to the original topic as the above title.. (hehe.. a bit misdiverting, i guess!)

Amnee will have her birthday bash aka party at her kindergarten today (Tadika Seaport). Of course she'll be super excited.. So, yesterday evening, I went out to Toys R Us at Subang Parade to buy some stuffs for the party. Since the theme is "The Fairy Tale Princess", every single item must bear the picture or resemblance of a princess character even the party pack has the picture of Fairy Tale Princesses on it.. Knowing my niece, she is uber obsessed with the Fairy Tale Princesses and she even considers herself as Princess Aurora.. Kids!! After we found all the items needed, we then headed to Mc Donalds to have our dinner.. Yummy!! I don't know why these days I always feel hungry..Maybe it's the job or the stress at work.. Ish!! Bahaya la asyik makan jek!! Mau badan aku naik berkilo2...Huhuhu!! X suke!X suke!X suke!

Later, at home, I started to put all the items into the party pack which consists of a Cadbury Bites, a Looney Tunes Wafer Snack, a Fun Size Snickers, a cup of Nata De Coco Mango Pudding, a petite box of Sunmaid Raisins, a Krispies chocolate, a Disney Enchanted pencil, eraser and also a ruler.. They were all 9 party packs that we finished packing for Amnee's classmates + 2 extra packs for Aina and Piqah...

While putting all those items into the party pack, I remember back then when I was at Amnee's age.. I was only enrolled in TADIKA KEMAS.. a kindergarten that only taught the students to read and learn in Bahasa Malaysia, far from teaching the students English language.. However, looking at Amnee now, she's even can talk and communicate with me fluently in proper English at the age of only 5! Amazing is it? Lucky she has my sister as her mother who earns quite a salary plus her father who earns a lot more than her mother.. Combining both salary, the result is a whooping figure!! Being the only child (as for now til her brother is born), both the parents pamper her soo much.. She normally gets what she wants.. Sometimes, I would feel like poking her if she doesn't wanna listen to me.. She's been so lucky!! However, I was not as lucky when I was a kid her age.. I was deprived of almost everything in my yesteryears..

On one occasion when I was in Standard One, I was chosen as one of the performers during the School's Present Give Away, that is to say, Hari Penyampaian Hadiah.. I was gonna play an "Ayam" character in a song called "Aku, Burung, Itik dan Burung" and has to pay for the ever-cute gown with ruffles and laces.. I needed only to pay RM10 for the gown.. I was so excited on the day i was elected and told my mum that I needed to pay RM10. However, I was so dissapointed when my mum told me to back out from the play because she said my father could not afford to pay. I was crying like mad because I was really looking forward to be part of the team. Since I had to obey to my mum's order, I was replaced by the-then classmates, Fadilah.. I envied her so much because she had a chance to wear that super cute lil doll-like dress for the performance.. I was so devastated that I could not take part in any play or performance in which I had to pay for the costumes even for RM10!! For Pete's sake.. I know RM10 is a lot back then but it hurts me soo much when I could never have any chance to live like a normal girl.. No birthday parties, no Barbie dolls, no cute tailor-made dresses, no everything.. And because of that, I ponder for a while when I look at Amnee because she has the chance to experience everything in her life. She has the chance to celebrate her birthday, give away party packs, an expensive custom-made Princess cake and a cute little dress from Sommerset Bay.. Sommerset what? I don't even know that that label ever existed since I've never been exposed to such expensive merchandise.. Amnee even has the chance to wear a pair of shoes from Clarks that cost her parents RM128 per pair. I consider it is still expensive for a teeny tiny pair of booties.. Even though I was deprived of almost everything, I'm glad now that after all these hard years that my family and I had to face, finally we manage to get out from the hard lives..

Since my eldest sister and my second sister had started working, our life has started to become a lot better than before. Thank God to all the "rezeki" that He gave us.. My parents now even can breath easily and calmly because after all these hard years, they managed to see the result now.. What more can make our parents happy than seeing all their children excel in life? I'm not trying to brag here but it is the reality that all 3 of us has finally achieved our dreams and earn good money.. except for me, since I'm still in my chambering period, I can't afford to give my parents money but I promise to myself that once I get the real salary, I will definitely give them most of the monies.. Nothing could repay them for what they have done to raise us all. Thanx to you MAMA and PAPA!! So to all the millenium kids out there, try to appreciate the value of money and all the hard work that your parents had to face in order to give you all these luxurious life you are living in right now.. If not because of your parents, you won't be living life like you all did right now.. Fikir2kan dan selamat beramal! Ahhhh!! I hate spoil brats!!

Oh Crap! New files coming in.. Booring!! Time to go dear squigglers!!
Catch up with u later

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