13 August 2008

Bye HSK, Hello BNM =)

Yesterday morning, I got a phone call from Kak Azriah of BNM requesting me to forward via e-mail my passport picture to her. I was so curious and I asked her why. She responded by saying that the picture will be used to finalize her appointment later. Suddenly I was like, GULP! Appointment letter? My heart was starting to pound faster and my whole body started to freeze. With kinda shaky voice, I asked her back:

"Kak Azriah, appointment letter tu for me ke?"

Then she replied:

"Ye la. Untuk awak la, untuk sape lagi..."

And I was like:

"So you mean I got the job?"

Kak Azriah said:

"YES, dear! you got the job!! After I finalized this appointment letter, then you need to do your medical check-ups. If the result is all clear, then within less than a week you will be called to report duty."

After I heard the news, I was soo excited that I cannot think what I should. The first person that I called was my sister, KAKAK.Only then I told my parents about the good news. I know I should call my parents first but at that point in time I was so numb and could not even think properly.. hehe =)

Later on, I informed all my fellow Chambees and they felt happy for me.. Even the staffs at my department shared my happiness because to them, I did the right choice for accepting the offer from BNM. This department that I'm currently attached is not in a good condition because everyone was not satisfied with its management, which was lead by ABJ. Soon, this department will be empty because all the staffs are now planning to leave the firm to find better opportunities and get a better pay. If you must know, all the staffs here, I mean all the clerks, are underpaid. When you live in the city like KL, money is the most important ting for you as the cost of living here is very high plus with the increase of the price of the fuel as well as other merchandises, you sure need a lot more money than before.

I was going to tell my master that I'm leaving for BNM soon and I kinda nervous to go and tell her about it. So I waited till today. However, she came asking me even before I have the guts to tell her. The response? Well, she's quite ok with me leaving because she is leaving too to ZICO together with EBO, KAK ITA and KAK SITI.. When I'm talking about these people, I am actually talking about coolness. When all of them gone, then life would be as dull as hell.. Lucky me because I'm going too because if I were to stay here, it would be soo boring as there is nobody else that I could share my stories, do some gossippings and even there'll be no makan2 time! KAK SITI is such a good cook, a good friend, a good dirty-talker (oops!), and she's like a mother to me, i mean cool mum.. KAK ITA on the other hand is soo nice and pweeety as well.. Huhuhu =( I'm gonna miss them so damn much!

To tell you the truth, I can't wait to start my new working environment. Having secured a place in a place like BNM is once in a lifetime opportunity. I work hard for this job even though I was their scholar. I had to fight for the place with anybody else. With all the hard work, I deserved the spot.

So, BNM here I come and Bye HSK!!

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