13 August 2008


Danee's Wedding is around the corner, on the 20.08.2008.. Unfortunately, I could not attend it! F***!! I hate the fact that I have to miss my best friend's wedding.. My own best friend!! All because of this whole-new-job thing.. I already called Danee just now and told her that I couldn't make it. She sounds dissapointed though.. Awww, I hate to turn down someone's feeling and especially my best friend's feeling. It's her big day! Whatever it is, I already promised her that I'll be meeting her at KL when she starts work this September. I need to repay her back for my non-attendance. Sowieeee Sweety!!

To Danee and Amer, I wish you two all the happiness and may your life filled with undying love and bundles of joy forever.


Don't forget to breed as many dudes and dudettes as possible.

hehe =)

Love you both!

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