26 August 2008

Papa Warded

Yesterday, I received a call from Kak Long telling me that Papa has been warded due to Dengue fever. It was quite a shock for me and I almost took leave to go home to Kota Bharu but Papa said I need not to worry. He is still ok. According to Kak Long, Papa's platlet has dropped rapidly from 100+ to below 40 since last night. That is why he was admitted. Me and Kakak were both worry that anything will happen to Papa. We also take turns to call him asking about his current condition. When I called him last night, I almost cry because Papa said to me like this:

"Jee jangan risau.. Papa ok lagi, still boleh bangun dan jalan. Jee doakan Papa cepat sembuh la ye. Jee pon jaga diri baik2. Papa sayang Jee.."

I love Papa so much. In fact, among 3 of us, I'm the one who is so manja with him. When I was small, I used to sleep on his arm and whenever I fell asleep in front of the tv, then he would carry me to bed. I also remember back then when I was still schooling that Papa would wait for me to finish homework late at night. I will always have that in my mind. Papa likes to pamper the three of us. He loves us so much and in fact he never pukul us or did anything that involves that act to us. If he is angry with us, he'll talk to us and ask us to repair our wrongdoings.. Papa will never increase his voice volume to us. He's such a nice and cool guy.

Now, since Papa is already 66 years old, his health condition has started to deteriorate. He loves gardening and every single evening, he will spend most of his time at our garden around the house. He likes to do all the activities that will make him sweat. However, ever since he had an eye operation about 2 to 3 years ago, his activity was limited. His intake of food also need to be monitored. One thing about my Papa that I will always store in my mind is that he loves to play with my hair and caress my forehead everytime I sat beside him. He never failed to do that to me. As the youngest in the family, I am the one who's been pampered so much. Pampering not in the concept of material but through his love and affectionate toward us all. That is the greatest treasure that I will always store in my heart and also in my mind.

I always worry that something will happen to my beloved Papa. Up until this hour, I never forget to call him to ask for his condition. Alhamdulillah syukur that he said his number of platlet is increasing. I will never stop praying for his health and well-being. Not only because he is my father but because he is MY ONLY PAPA in this world.



Twiggy said...

hope your dad is better..

Eunice said...

same here! hope you're doing well too, dear!

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