01 August 2013


Last night Papa came by but only on a short glimpse. I wish he could stay longer so that I could spend all night long with him. It was too fast, I couldn't even hug him before he left.

I miss him badly. Thinking about him made me crying and I am all teary eyed now while typing this. When I was in KB last 2 weeks, I went to visit him and again emotion strikes in, I burst into tears. Feel just like only yesterday he left us.

This year will be the 2nd year without him to celebrate Raya. Never in my mind, I stop thinking of him. Missing him. 

Dear Allah, I really miss him. Let him be in the peace place he supposed to be, grant him Jannah and showers him with Your blessings.



::EIDA:: said...

Al-Fatihah ;(


Akk thn ni, thn ke 7 tnpa ayahnda.. sedih..mmg sedih..tp tu lah.. da tertulis rezki kita begini kan..
Al Fatihah utk mereka...

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