18 March 2014

Atkins : Day 8

Today marked my 8th day with strict Atkins diet. I started fresh on 11 March 2014 and tadi timbang dah kurang 2kg. Alhamdulillah. Hubster has also officially joined my atkins bandwagon yesterday. 

My progress may be a little slow in terms of KG reduced but it's OK. I'd rather go slowly than nothing. Before, it's so hard to shred even 100g, now I can smile to myself. So far baju ade a few yang dah makin longgar. Hubster kata mcm xde perubahan pon. Duhhh! Dia tgk hari2 mana la nmpk.

I started to like my diet journey as I can be creative in my way of cooking and also control the substance I put in. Maybe this would be the starting point of eating healthily, looking at the current conditions now.

Insya Allah will stay strong and determined like all my fellow Atkiners yang dah berjaya. Mana tau after losing weight I can easily get pregnant? Insya Allah.

Wish me luck lovelies!


sweet tooth said...

Go Jee!!!! Smg Allah permudahkan usaha u :-)

BaTiK_PiNk said...

KG lambat turun takpe, asalkan inch reduce significantly. Sekarang tgh phase apa dalam Atkins Diet?

Jee Abdullah said...

Sweet, thanks! u r my inspiration too!hehehe

Yani, thanks dear. Yep, inches mmg terasa reduce sebab baju2 & seluar dh rs mcm longgar sket. Now masih phase induction.

Linda said...

Salam sis. InsyaAllah, setiap usaha pasti ade kejayaan... cume Allah saje tahu masenya.. semoga berjaya ;-)

hazlina azmi said...

semoga berjaya dear.....jln2 blogwalking
jemput follow blog i ye

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