29 July 2013

Ayam Percik

This is a delayed entry, a story of my short stint balik kampung to KB the second week of Ramadhan. I've always look forward to this trip as I miss Mama so badly, even though the main purpose is TO EAT!!! So before I go back home, called Mama and told her my list of must-eat food and one of the top lists is of course my mom's infamous AYAM PERCIK!

From what I've learnt from Mama, it's not that hard to prepare. Of course, I've jotted down all the ingredients for later (konon nak buat kat KL) but my main problem is mana nak bakar tu? Mama said can just use the oven instead. Insya Allah will try to cook it one day.

I stayed home only until Sunday (tu pon departed before buka) so to utilize the short time that I had, I brought Mama to do her grocery shopping. Mama doesn't know how to drive so usually Kak Long will bring her anywhere she wants. Since I was around, so I took Mama out. Hubster was at home, sleeping his heart out. Dah lama macam tak keluar berdua with Mama. I miss those moments back then when I was still single, Mama and I spent so much time together, gossiping, giggling, laughing etc. But bila dah kawen macam dah terbatas sikit. Most of the time spent with Hubster and the fact that Mama lives far away from KL. Sobsobsob.

And so that Saturday, we had our iftar get together with Kak Long and her family too. I went to Pasar Ramadhan at Stadium to buy the famous 'lemak bakar' as I had been craving for it for quite sometime. No it's not THAT kind of craving, but this is just me being fat craving. Haha. We had so much food. Mom cooked ayam percik, daging kicap, and daging singgang while Kak Long brought along other dishes which obviously she bought on the way to Mama's plus my 'lemak bakar'. I was too full that I slept early without going to terawikh. Shame shame. Ish Ish Ish.

Before going back to KL, sempat tapau akok and buah tanjong from my favourite kuih shop, Nik Serimas. Went back around 5.00pm, buka at Gua Musang and reached KL around 1.00am.

This year I'm going to spend my Raya at Kelantan (it's my turn!).


Mama's infamous Ayam Percik yang lazat hingga menjilat jari kaki dan tangan :)

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