13 February 2013

Welcome 2013

Busuk tak baru nak ucap Happy New Year 2013 walaupon hari ini hari ke-13 di bulan Februari. Yes, bulan Februari baru terhegeh-hegeh nak up entry new year. Padahal orang dah nak ucap Happy New Year 2014. Ihiks! Ampun ya bukkk!

Bermacam blog entries, FB, Twitter and IG posts yang telah saya baca mengenai warna-warni perjalanan 2012 kawan-kawan dan kaum keluarga. So it's time for me to write down my journey throughout 2012.

Earlier in 2012, I had written a few of my goals and to recap, here are the list:

1. To lose weight - checked
(i've shredded some kilos but i gained some.haha!)

2. To get pregnant - unsuccessful
(i've consulted a gynea and is under treatment now. u can refer my story here)

3. To buy a house, pretty enough to be our love nest - checked
(i've officially moved into our own house on 1 Oct 2012)

4. To save as much as I could - unsuccessful
(i've to korek all the savings to furnish the house we just bought. to start from scratch, bring forward to 2013 resolution)

5. To go to the gym frequently - checked
(i could say i'm proud of myself as i managed to hit the gym every week in 2012 with my gym buddy, Ieka Kassim)

6. To work harder, be more focused & received good PRIME (appraisal) - checked
(alhamdulillah for the rezeki God has given & managed to maintain my PRIME

7. Last but not least, to be a good, obedient wife, daughter, sister, aunty and insya Allah a caring & lovely mother - unsure (but Hubster said I scored! except for the lovely mother part!)

So for 2013, I had high hopes. I want to gain more for everything (except for weight lay, of course la nak reduce). Let's see if these resolutions become reality this year:

1. To get pregnant
(my ultimate goal for 2013. Insya Allah. I'm praying hard for this!)

2. To lose weight (again & again & again)
(to achieve this, must force myself to hit the gym!)

3. To be a better muslimah
(No more tudung singkat-taktutup-dada for me as Hubster dah larang. So, I obeyed :) )

3. To furnish the house
(macam2 benda nak beli!)

4. To save as much as I could

5. To join at least 1 baking class and to try more and more new recipes

6. To maintain 2012's resolution for item 6 & 7 above :)

Oh ye. Lupa nak citer pasal bonus 2012 haritu. Kan ade 2 barang yang saya aim; satu Kitchenaid lagi satu Candy Bag. Well, both I didn't get. Instead, I scored this! 

Awesome kan? Memang best and puas hati tapi tang Candy Bag tu je la tak merasa lagi. Haih! Aim for this year plak! Insya Allah :)

Okla for now. Till the next entry.


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