26 June 2012

Hitam Manis Memang Sodappp!

This is a baking escapade entry. It has been a while now since I last wrote one. The last entry I think was on Red Velvet Cake. So today I decided to bake an Old School Fudge Brownies with Almonds & Chocolate Chunks. Actually, my sister found the recipe and she had already baked several times. I even tasted those luscious brownies! It is super-duper-uber good! Yeah, I kid you not!

Hubster likes it so much and he kept on begging me to bake one for him. So here I am today, baking one just for him :) By the way, my office is having potluck session yesterday. Instead of bringing the ordinary chocolate kek batik (which was requested by many) I baked this brownies for them. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves eating every pieces and by the end of the session hanya tinggal bekas semata!

This brownies recipe is just so perfect! The texture of the brownies is so chewy, with a very strong nutty & chocolaty taste. Bila masuk je mulut, it's like having sex in your mouth, where you see starry skies, beautiful fireworks and many more. OK itu hanyalah exaggerate semata :) Saya pakai resipi Joy the Baker, one of my favourite blogger bakers. Kalau nak tau sedap ke tak boleh la mencuba! You won't regret it! Trust me!


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