04 January 2010

The Beginning of The Other

Hey All,

Happy New Yeaaaarrr 2010!!!! So, what's your plan / goal for this year?? Mine is always the same every year and I guess it's still the same for this year. I think it won't change until I achieved what I wanna achieve..haha! Since dah masuk tahun baru ni, rasa berdebar-debar la plak. Sebabnya...I'm getting married!!! OMG! Macam tak caya jer dah nak kawen. Oh oh oh!! By the way, I haven't post anything on my Engagement Day. I was busy the whole month of December. So many applications coming in and piling up my tray. So, xde la masa nak meng'update' blog ni..

Talking about my E-Day, it was such a remarkable event for me. I never knew that I could find someone like him. Someone by the name of Wan Mohd Shahril Wan Mohammad. I bet every woman in this world would dream of having the best man whom they wanna spend their entire life with, to grow old together and to cherish every moments together. Some might say that it's just a Cinderella story but for me, I believe in true love, a never ending happiness... God finally heard me this time and I finally found my knight in shining armour (soo jiwang okayyy!!). I had enough of continuous episodes of dramas, tears and heart-broken stories. I want to start new and hopefully this year will bring me never ending happiness that I prayed for... Insya Allah.
Back to the E-Day update, (melalut la plak tadi, berjiwang-jiwangan. lol!) the entire event went well and Alhamdulillah I am now someone's fiancee. There are soo much for me to story-mory here about the whole event but I kinda malas to type it out. hehe. Bottom line, it was such a memorable moment for me. Why don't we let the pictures do all the talking?? Pictures worth a thousand words, right guys? So here are some captured by my photographer, Fazi by Fazi Artwork... Enjoy!

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