24 December 2009

Eat Air For Lunch..Yummy!

Emmm...dah lama macam tak tulis pape kat blog ni..huhu. by the way just to tell you guys one funny story today...

Encik Tunang telah dengan rela hati nya called pepagi nak ajak me to eat lunch with him... I thought he has something going on at KL Sentral (Maxis's office) since he normally has meetings there. It turns ou that he wants to see me and eat lunch together-gether lah! sooo sweet of him, kan???hehe ;)... Actually, I already had plan with my colleagues to go eat at Lanai but I've to cancelled it. Kalo tak cancel itu Encik Tunang mau merajuk jugak lah...hehehe... So, I was sooo excited to see him and patiently waited for him to arrive here. Unfortunately, he came late!! Sila salahkan massive traffic jam in KL!! Dahla sampai lambat, then die plak pegi salah lobi..kena la pusing masuk dalam BNM balik...huhuhu..syiaaaann Encik Tunang.

Then off we went... The initial plan was to eat at Tupai-Tupai. Sekali Encik Tunang plak tak tau jalan...salah jalan seround... but you know la KL kan...Once salah jalan, bapak jauh nak U-Turn balik..last2, sambil2 masing2 dok bergaduh tu, we just went around KL, enjoying our moments together, just in the car! tak pegi makan pon...dahla dua2 pon lapar giler. Sian we all, kan?? huhuhu :(

We spent like 1 hour on the road plus all the massive jam...huhuhu.. Whatever it is pon kan, I still feel like something to be remembered with nanti... came to KL all the way to eat lunch with me but at last eat lunch jugak but the menu is ANGIN...this is what we call MAKAN ANGIN!!! burrrrppppp!!kenyang sudaaaaaaa!!!haha..Gotta pen down now.. Catch with u later guys!

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