28 August 2009

Moving On

Hey all,
Ramadhan comes again to greet us all... Yipppeee!!! Banyak la dugaan2 di musim bulan pose ni...hahaha..and saya macam biasalah melayan nafsu nafsi membeli makanan secara x hengat dunia & last2 tong sampah jugak la untung..alahai.. so i think i should stop buying unnecessarily again...huhuhu..alahai..lapar la plak..oh tummyboi..pls stop growling..hahaha *wink*
Right now, at this hour, I'm sitting here in the office & melayan sangap sambil dengar Quran's recitals from Akma's PC... at least I feed my both ears with something beneficial...hehe
Shoot!! Serious boring.. nak pegi SOGO malas nak jalan.. kang balik jap gi ade yang merangkak masuk office ni.. ;))
By the way. I got a nice story to tell u all. Last weekend, I had a mental breakdown sket.. ni sume pasal that guy yang I citer kat my last post dulu. Remember?? Actually, this mental breakdown rotted from me jugak. Kalo i tak gatal tangan pegi bukak FB Bitchy Girl tu sure my life would be coulourful as always... Nak dikisahkan, I viewed the Bitch's FB this one fine morning. I think last Monday kot... then to my surprise, they talked about me!!!!! U guys sure wanna know how positive I am about this.. I am 100% sure it's me that they busy talking about.. ade ke refer me as a DRAMA QUEEN??? Shiiitttteeeeeeeee!!! I'm soo pissed off okayyy..then the whole day I became moody. Everyone takut nak cakap ngan I, hence tegur I. Serious shit I rasa merah padam telinga tahan marah..Oh God!! nasib I still lagi berpijak di bumi yang nyata lagi so I took the issue in the professional way... Lucky I have so many friends who has been supporting me all this while. Thank you my dear besties..love you soo much!!
Sometimes I wonder.. why he walked out from me?? Am I not good enough for him? My sisters kept on telling me that he is the one who doesn't deserve me. I don't know what are my flaws, yet my fault until he did this to me. I must admit I like him so much. At first it's really hard to live on his memories but soon after I realized I'll be a complete fool if I still live with his memories. Thus, I tried to move on. I see and meet new people. I tried to befriend everyone but I don't intend to get involved thsi time around. For me, I think I've had enough. I just want to live my life as it is now. I want to colour my every day & I want to enjoy every bits and pieces of my life that God has granted me. I am blessed with my loving family, friends and good career... oh..I love being myself. Now I feel I'm being cared by many. ^-^Woohoo!!!!

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