26 February 2012

Entry Entah Pape

Unifi at home is currently down so am blogging through phone. Lucky I downloaded Blogger apps! wooohooo!! There are sooo many things to share but using phone to tell whollotta story is not fun!

Oh oh...yesterday I re-organized my handbags compartment and I thought that my handbags are kinda boring now. It has been a while now since I bought my latest handbag.

Maybe I need a new one??? Reason being is concreate enough : to de-stress!!Mr.Hubs would agree,definitely!!*wink wink*

I went to Diva,Midvalley too today and got myself these...they are having sale now on selected items. Visit them now, I can assure that you won't go back with empty handss..:)

Gotta do some ironing now..Till then, adiosssaaa!!!

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