03 May 2010

Wedding Doodles 101

It seems that the wedding bell is already ringing ding-dong for me... Both Mr. Fiance and I had agreed to have our Big Day ceremony in the month of June. The solemnization ceremony will be on the night of 4th June (Friday) while the reception (bride's side) will be on 5th June 2010.

Why these days time seems to fly so fast? As at today, it's gonna be exactly 1 month till my wedding day. Sometime it makes me cringe thinking that The Day is getting nearer and nearer. It's not that I haven't prepared anything but it's just this feeling inside me... My colleagues said it's normal... Bride-to-be syndrome they may say..hehe..

I am actually looking forward to my Big Day but at the same time I am nervous too... I just can't believe that in 1 month's time I am no longer a single lady... I will have a bigger responsibility and of course someone to take care of.. I'm gonna a WIFE! :) I am so glad that I'm gonna marry HIM at last. Being with him will always put a smile on my face. With his silly jokes & stuff, I feel blessed. He always loves me for who I am, never complains about my weight when I gained some, about my ugly face when I had no make-up on.. He's such a loving partner who never fails to tell me that he loves me... I love you too, Sayang.

Hmmm... about the wedding preparation, as for now, everything's under control. I had all my pelamin, caterer and photographer booked. My wedding favours are all set and one thing that left unsettled is my invitation cards. I have listed all my guests for the Day and have them listed down but I have yet to print them out and get it glued on the envelope, as well as posted it to them. Kind of malas to cut, glue and stamp tp walau macam mana pon, kena buat jugak kan.. huhuhu. I plan to get it done by this week so that I can straight away posted and for the ones nearer, I can immediately go and give them straught. Insya Allah, if everything's OK and according to the plan, I will complete it as soon as possible.

Teehee...mcm dah lama je kan tak update blog? Yeah, I was super busy lately and haven't got the right time to doodle here... Btw, gotta run now. Catch u later, guys with more wedding doodles... :)



nAdila said...

hi gpa, tahniah, dah jadi Puan

Twiggy said...

congratulations you!

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